Weblog migrated to WordPress – A NEW start! – A New name:- http://londontaxi.glutinum.nl

Dear fellow LVTA members and interested readers.

With great thanks to Thomas Dik (son of our member Jan Dik) the Weblog was migrated to WordPress. As the previous provider stopped it's services, we had to move on. Thomas made it possible for all of us to get the migratioin completed on this date (deadline) and we can contnue to provide actual news and reports to our members and interested parties. CHAPEAU to Thomas! A job well done and I am grateful it was done smoothly and the Weblog continues even on a higher service  level. Great!!!

I hope that members will carry on providing interesting pictures, stories a/o  experiences to share with our collegue members.

Thomas has actually moved 3.05 GB of data, containing 29.650 files stored in 18.005 maps

BEWARE:- The new WEBLOG addess  is  http://londontaxi.glutinum.nl  The old address will no longer be in function.

With kind regards,