The London 10k run on Sunday 14th July and 10 Vintage Cabs will lead it on………..and PICTURES

Mark Cooper reports:-

"Next Sunday (14th of July) I will be driving one of ten Vintage taxis which will proceed the 25,000 runners who are taking part in the London 10k run.

Hopefully the event will be televised , but I do not know where it will be broadcast yet,  Best Wishes Mark."

(Ed.) I thought members might be interested in this event:)). Also involving our dear cabs and a good PR for the LVTA; pictures are welcome!!!

Pictutes received via Facebook by action of James Selby-Weatherley; Thanks!

2013-07-14, British 10K Run in London

2013-07-14, LVTA Vintage cabs leading the start of the Birish 10k Run in London

2013-07-14, LVTA Cabs leading the start of the British 10k Run in London