~~The new Metrocab isn’t just a new model from an existing manufacturer – it is a new way of thinking to fit a specific specification. Let me explain…

London is not unique in having ‘Taxis’. However, it stands alone in the respect they must confirm to a specific set of regulations before you can even think of collecting a fare. The Conditions of Fitness are the fixed regulations a ‘Hackey Carriage’ must meet. Everyone knows the 25ft (7.5m) turning circle, and the requirement for wheelchair access. But there’s more, much more.

The passenger door must be a certain width, height and opening angle, and sufficient ground clearance must be maintained. Oh and, since January 2014, the rules state that, by 2018, all Hackney Carriages must be Zero Emissions-capable – that means a Hybrid or pure EV powertrain will be the only game in town.

We know London Taxis International is working on a prototype and Nissan too is trialing the Leaf-underpinned NV200 in Holland (though this isn’t the specific gawky-looking ‘Hackney’ variant) – this being the only credible rival at present to the Metrocab. However, nobody has been allowed to unlock a Nissan door yet, let alone drive it.        Link below gives full story.

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(source: AROnline)