Presentation new METRO CAB – TAXI TRADE EXPERIENCE DAY – they will be vintage in time……………….

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Taxi Trade Experience Day

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Metrocab - Driving the Future

Taxi Trade Experience Day







Mytchett, Surrey – On the 11-13th of March Metrocab hosted a series of events aimed at the taxi market and trade.

Invited were some of the largest taxi associations, journalists and organisations in the UK. The day was aimed at receiving feedback from various tradespeople and explaining what we have achieved and what our plan and vision is moving forward.








Some of the organisations represented at the event include The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association, The London Cab Drivers Club, London Cab Ranks Committee, United Cabbies Group, George Gawith Taxis, Radio Taxis Groups, Taxi Globe, The Badge, Autovolt, Institution of Engineering and Technology, SMNT, AROnline, Cab Driver and A-Line Taxis.


The attendees were all given the opportunity to drive the cab, as well as field detailed questions about the vehicle. Below is a reaction video from the LTDA and the LCDC.






Metrocab - Video Walk-through

This event is part of our program leading up to the trial period. As explained in our previous emails, getting drivers into the cab is part of our trial experience so you will all get an opportunity to provide comments and feedback. We would like to thank everyone for their patience, be rest assured we will continue to keep you updated through this email service and our twitter @MetrocabUK  
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