Unic Automobiles Taxi Cab Type L 11 T Series 3 Coupe Cabriolet

2014-07-01, Unic L11 cab 1930

2014-07-01, Unic L11 1930

Dear ladies and gentlemen,,

It was mentioned to me as the best reference for historic vehicles of Mr. Michael Much (Autohaus Much). I have a Unic built in 1930 with a coupe / convertible version which until the 1970s drove a taxi. I consider the car to restore and search all possible information about this taxi. And sure, you can help to revitalize a historic and rare vehicle again?

My Unic L11 type (photos attached) is probably the only surviving car in the world. This was confirmed to me a still surviving former employees of the company Unic in France. The Lord is 82 years young. All the more it excites me to build my taxi again or leave in good hands. The Unic is a very good state of preservation, one might be tempted to let start immediately.

Can you tell me what colors were painted in the 1930s in France for taxi vehicles? The vehicle comes from Tarn in France, more precisely from Castres. Were attached to the vehicle logos or stripes, for example plaid?
What taximeter were installed and the additional facilities had these vehicles yet?
Were attached to the vehicle corresponding TAXI signs?
Are there any other worth knowing about the taxis in the 30s?

Do you have any contact with taxi associations in France/ UK and Germany, or can even tell me other competent persons?

Unic Automobiles Taxi Cab Type L 11 T Series 3 Coupe Cabriolet

I thank you for your effort and remain up to your reply
Kindly headlight flasher


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