Do you have a picture of the last Fairway as a “working”cab in London; or is this the one?

2014-07-07, perhaps last Fairway on London streets in action as taxi(cab)
The last FX4 Fairway in London?
Hi, Hans,
Is this the very last Fairway in service?
I have tasked(!) my friend John Wagstaff, who is a central London bus driver, to watch out for Fairways, and he reports that the last one he saw was  R804VLW at Stockwell on 21st June, plated to 17th July.
I wonder if there are any more out there?
(Photo attached of the same cab at Hyde Park Corner on 9th November, 2012.)
Kind regards,
Chris Jenner
(Ed. received from Mark Cooper) The main reason stated by the authorities for retiring Fairways (and any other taxi over 15 years old) from London is on the grounds of exhaust emissions.
A few Fairways have been converted to run on LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) as have a few Metrocabs, and these have been granted an extension of licensing, as their exhaust emissions are lower. There will therefore be a few Fairways and Metrocabs still working in London for a little while longer… Emoji




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