A small event and great fun to all concerned. Steam Tram and Oldtimer Cars/Bike

The Rotterdamse Tramweg Maatschappij (R.T.M.) with a relatively small Steam Tram Museum at Ouddorp complied with the Open Musea Days and they invited the small local oldtimer car Club  “Carwei” of which our well known FX4 Rally Driver, member Frits Veringmeijer is a member. They all joined in the Open Day to give some luster to the event, with 15 oldtimer cars and one oldtimer bike. Not to overlook the FX4.

The steam trams were used to serve the islands like Goeree-Overflakkee and are stationed at Ouddorp Muzeum in the Province of Zeeland.

With our thanks to Frits. It shows a small event , with equal minded enthousiasts and nice weather make it into a fine event for all visitors and participants. The smoke, the smell of oil, and the special sounds make you nostalgic. 

If you have similar events and experiences, do let us have them:)) 


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