SOLD- Beardmore Mk 7, built 1959. Stationed in The Netherlands (near Amsterdam)

SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!(migrated to Schotland) 

Beardmore achter beardmore Beardmore1 BeardmorebinnenThis Beardmore taxi(cab) is owned by Hennie Burgemeester at Wormer, (North of Amsterdam) The Netherlands. Hennie used to be a dedicated member of us.

The Beardmore was built in 1959 and running well. The last year the clutch showed a problem and it was stationed till today. It is registered with Dutch plates and all necessary papers are present. It has a spare wheel as extra. Available are ‘The Beardmore Guide’ (LVTA issue), British car 2002 and Autoweek (2006) magazines with extensive articles on this cab.

Price €5000 or highest bidder.

Contact:- (by e-mail)

N.B.  A pick up from his homestead will need a transporter. 

2015-02-07, Front page with Beardmore