Original FX4 1967 London taxi(cab) spotted at the Kent Showground.

The early Springtime Detling Transport Show at Kent Showground show disclosed an original 1967 FX4 cab; the question put to us, “is it possibly a FX4 ex-Holland”, who can tell us its history? Our member Chris Jenner from Bromley spotted it and reported it to us. Thanks Chris! You ‘re on the move again after a dark winter despite the cold weather! Chapeau! I know and knew such models over here but cannot trace it as I have no previous Dutch registration number.  It has a manual gearbox and a Perkins engine!2015-03-28, FX4 1968 at Kent Showground 29 March 2015 spotted by Chris Jenner(2) 2015-03-29, FX4 1968 at Kent Showground spotted by Chris Jenner (1)