Convoy's mechanic at work

2012 at Groesbeek, “Spanners”  (Ken Flemwell) at work, we spent most of that day at the breakers at Nijmegen, assisted by Gary Mankelov and his  cab.


Early May 2015 the LTBAWD will again organize a trip for 160 British WWII veterans to visit The Netherlands as passengers of 80 London taxi(cabs). The drivers are all volunteers and several are LVTA members. Many of the veterans became personal friends of Dutch families over the past years, some as long ago as 1944-1945.

5th of May 2015 is the 70th Anniversary of our Liberation.

The veterans will visit well known places and can be assured of an overwhelming welcome by the Dutch as our Liberators!

Attendance will be given to Remembrance Services as well as Celebrations.

We feel honoured and happy to meet and welcome you all!


May 2012, at Groesbeek, meeting (out of many)the Oliveira Brothers and Terry Ward

2012-05-04, visit British veterans to Groesbeek Museum, Holland(near Nijmegen) (237)2012-05-04, visit British veterans to Groesbeek Museum, Holland(near Nijmegen) (134)Spectacular convoys of Black Cabs taking veterans on trips are the hallmark of the taxi charity. Its annual road trip to Worthing has been a highlight in the lives of many veterans since 1948. But when funds have allowed, more ambitious trips have taken place, to enable the veterans to return to important military sites and landmarks, for example to Normandy in 2008. The charity has also taken the veterans to Holland twice, once in 2012 – a trip that began with a send-off attended by the Mayor of London and comedian Al Murray – and then again in May 2014. These trips have enabled British veterans to take part in the annual Dutch National Liberation celebrations. The Dutch people turn out in their thousands to greet the veterans, lining the streets and bringing their children to meet them. Such trips take months of planning, an inordinate amount of dedication on the part of the charity and their partners in The Netherlands, the Market Garden Foundation, and the help of around 80 London taxi drivers. Another trip to Holland is planned for 2015.

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