“Taxicabs & Co”, á Suisse, Normandy touring 2015

Organised by Fred and Sylvie Leblond, the 2nd ‘Taxicab & Co’ rally in Suisse Normandy was a three-day event attended by no fewer than ten Fairways (if my count is accurate – they weren’t all there at the same time!), together with an FX4, Riley Elf and Triumph Spitfire.
 Fred and Sylvie, own three Fairways which they use as tour vehicles in conjunction with their ‘La Bergerie’ Bed & Breakfast and Self-Catering Cottages business  – http://bb-cottages-normandy-61.jimdo.com/ -which we have no hesitation in highly recommending!
Driving a Fairway over wonderfully maintained and empty roads was a pleasure and our convoy elicited much interest along the route and at our various stopping-off points. Fortunately, with three passengers, it was possible to share the responses to the waves we received from passers-by. (Or were they hailing us?)
Ed. With thanks to Chris Jenner, “our” Weblog photographer!
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