Worthing outing and Dayout in Sussex incl. Chelsea pensioners and volunteer London taxi(cabs)

108 London taxi(cabs) voluntarily transporting British WWII pensioners to Worthing and to Sussex for a day out and meeting their comrades.

In-between them I spotted several of our participating LVTA members.

I received the following from Mark and it was a pleasure to look it up.

“Hi All,   I hope that you can all open the links below:
http://www.itv.com/news/meridian/topic/sussex/   scroll down & click on ”Day out in Sussex for Chelsea Pensioners”More to follow…, Best wishes, Mark.
Worthing Outing, June 2015

Photos from the Taxi Charity’s annual veterans’ Worthing outing, 16 June 2015,  97 photos · 114 views