NEW TAXI BOOKS – Checker-The All-American taxi and London Taxis in Camera

2015-11-06, CHECKER - The All-American taxi2015-11-06, London Taxis in Camera

Two new books from Earlswood Press, the Taxi book specialists

 We are pleased to announce two new Earlswood Press titles for 2015. They are ‘Checker – the All-American Taxi’, by Ben Merkel and Joe Fay and ‘London Taxis in Camera’, by Bill Munro.

 Checker – the All-American Taxi

Already available, Checker – the All-American Taxi is the first ever all-colour book on this most iconic of American taxicabs. It contains over 200 pictures, over half of which are in colour and a great many of those are of Checker taxicabs working the streets or on ranks, or, sadly, abandoned in taxi garages or junk yards. Most of these pictures were taken by co-author Ben Merkel, who probably knows as much about Checkers as any man alive.

Early Checker history is taken care of by Joe Fay, administrator of the 500-strong Facebook Checker Cab Group Club and the owner of two of the rarest early post-war Checkers. His extensive collection of pre-war and early post-war Checkers features strongly.

Checker – the All-American Taxi is available on line and in bookshops in the UK, Europe and North America, or direct from the publisher at

Checker – the All-American Taxi

160 pages 246mm x 189mm, full colour, illustrated throughout, cover price, UK £21.99, USA $29.95

ISBN 9780957475472

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London Taxis in Camera

Our other new title, ‘London Taxis in Camera’ is scheduled for publication in late November. This is a second edition of the book we published earlier in 2015. Quite honestly, though, we felt we could do better, so we did! We’ve increased the page count from 100 to 160, literally a 60 per cent increase, but we’ve only put the price up by 10 per cent, to £21.99!

The mix is the same, with archive pictures from across the 20th century, specially shot colour pictures of preserved London taxis of all ages and additional features about the more unusual taxis, such as Nubar Gulbenkian’s coachbuilt cabs, the Cape bodies and the Monte Carlo FX3 of 1961.

160 pages 246mm x 189mm, full colour, illustrated throughout, price £21.99

ISBN 9780957475458

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