“a white Jones low loader”……………. (in Dutch)

Hallo Hans,

 One of our very observant members noticed this book for sale on eBay, from a seller in the Netherlands. Within the magazine is pictured a white Jones low loader, which I have never seen before.
Do you know anything about it please?
Best wishes for a very happy new year,
Yes Mark, as a matter of fact it is known to me. The article, not the cab:))
The article (Magazine) was handed to me by the author (and cab friend) Vincent Denters, a long ago LVTA member from The Netherlands who did re-built a FX3  and it took him 8 years. A dedicated gentleman. The article was published in Oktober 1989. I keep the magazine in my London taxi(cab) archive:))
a0. De geschiedenis van de Londense taxi

a1. De geschiedenis van de Londense taxi, by Vincent Denters a2. vervolg a3. vervolgd a4. vervolgd a5. vervolgd a6. vervolg a7. vervolgd a8. the end