Today the Weblog reached 30,000 views and I resigned from the LVTA Committee.

Cabalcade - 7th of April 2013 at London UK

Cabalcade – Pictures send in by participating LVTA members

Cabalcade - new pictures to follow...........

Pictures send by LVTA members participating in this great Farewell trip through London town.
A last 'alute' to the iconic models of the London FX4 and Fairway taxi(cabs).

Cabalcade new 1

Cabalcade new 2

Cabalcade new 3

Cabalcade new 4

Dear members and friends-readers,

with great regret I have to inform you that today (23 March 206) I resigned from the LVTA Committee.

Things happen that are beyond control and I can no longer function without full support.

I thank you all very much for your trust and friendship I received over the many years

and I wish you all a happy  life.

I shall miss our contacts and any of you can at all times feel free and is welcome to call on me.

For this moment I remain as member. 

Be lucky!


N.B. Since I left the Committee I received  overwhelming support, good wishes and thanks .

May I thank you all for these kind reactions. I did me good.