I started the new (private) “DUTCH LONDON OLDTIMER TAXI NEWS”

Dear members, friends and readers,  for your information.


Being a pensioner I found Bill Munro  prepared to continue my LVTA  Weblog and LVTA Facebook. He shall start it from new.  I shall today close down the Facebook and Weblog I developed over the years. I also will no longer be involved in EU News.

My input by email and  distribution to Member Groups, like e-mail messages to all members, Call-Sign and Taxi-Globe magazines was handed back to the Committee as they apparently developed a new system. I enjoyed representing the EU membership. Thanks for your solidarity.

I opened a new Weblog (privately) under http://londontaxi.glutinum.nl and named it “Dutch London Oldtimer Taxi News”. Time will tell how and if it develops.  I can publish my way and if you have an article or pictures you’re welcome and I take care of it. The weblog operates right now but still needs time to make it ‘private’.

I remain a member  for as long as I feel ‘home’ and I keep my email:-  hansdoo@planet.nl or hanssipke@gmail.com (for pictures or large files).

I treasure my cab friends contacts and any of you can contact me privately and I will answer .(hansdoo@planet.nl). The fact I left to Committee is no reason to break year long good contacts.

I thank all the members who wrote to me and who added recognition for my past input. I appreciate it much! I wrote to the Committee members and expressed my hope for a friendly continuation of years of old contacts, but received no answer from any of them. This may lead me to also not renew at the end of the season. I was and  I am open and transparant and will privately continue being engaged with London Taxis.

I closed a period from Sept. 1998 to March 2016. Adieu. I wish you good luck and foremost good health.

Due to a Committee action beyond my control I shall not organise Waalwijk 2016. Do not plan or make the trip before you contacted the Association.