My thanks to all readers of this private Weblog – Since I left the LVTA Committee 3000 visitors showed their interest.

Dear readers,

It is my pleasure to see that today the 30,000 visitors I had on the day I left the LVTA Committee continued their interest in the Weblog and today recorded 3,000 new views. Total today is 33,000.
The Committee never showed any interest nor reacted on content. A pity that this kind of innovation was not picked up. So be it.
The official Weblog was discontinued by me and no one took it over.
Facebook continued on my request after I initiated it and kept it going till I left.

The readers clearly appreciate the Weblog and I will pursue it as long as I am capable (health) and time allows.

Any London taxi News a/o pictures a/o matters of interest , For sale a/o Wanted, are welcome and if suitable will be published.

I thank Alan Fisher for supplying me with Call-Sign magazine and allowing me to use its content.
I recently fail to receive Taxi-Globe, not knowing the reason. Hopefully, this friendly acquaintance will start it up again.
At times I use news from “Spitalfields Life” by consensus of its Editor ‘The Unknown Writer”.
At times I use content out of the supplemental American Section Notes. (in all cases the source will be mentioned).

Till a next time, thanks for reading,
Hans (
(a paid-up member, although I receive no communications at all)