Remembrance Ceremony with our British WWII Veteran Guests at Venray

If you are interested; we had ceremonies throughout the whole of The Netherlands. This was our annual Remembrance Service at Venray.

These veterans were engaged in Northern Africa and from Normandy made their way to Arnhem-Nijmegen, Overloon and Venray, etc.
The last battle is called “The Forgotten Battle”. As my friend John Sleep (95) said to a TV interviewer: : “Yes, it was pretty grim”.

In the War Museum at Overloon, you find an excellent overview of that period.

See :- ,

being a TV report giving a short view of our recent Remembrance Service on 20 Sept.2016.
(look for:- Herdenking Britse slachtoffers – 20 September 2016 – Peel en Maas TV Venray
Percy Lewis spoke 2 verses of the Exhortation and was later on interviewed.
We spent 7 days together with our Liberators and our small Committee had an entertaining programme.They all arrived safely home this week-end.
Provisionally, they already booked their return trip to Venray for 2017………………