Read for you on Facebook:- British Classic Light Utility Vehicle (BCLUV).

I read this call and it remembered me of our time at Mt Darwin, Southern Rhodesia, when my collegue Land Development Officer Roger Gladden had an Austin Gypsy imported (ca.1960)from the UK. I drove my Land Rover and we had a kind of a friendly competition, which was best in the bush. Roger came from Melton Constable in Norfolk. He drove it weekly from Mt Darwin into Chimanda Reserve. Sadly Roger passed away some years ago. Reading this call for a meeting of Austin Gypsy’s I awakenend and thought it fit to advertise this call in my private weblog. Hoping it might service you and a small tribute to Roger who took the risk to import that vehicle. I will abstain which vehicle was best:))

Glenn Kemp , March 20 at 5:12pm (From Facebook)

“Not sure if anyone on this group is in the UK, but thought I’d pass on this message. For the Love of an old Gipsy. If you have an Austin Gipsy or know someone who has a Gipsy. Please read on….

I am trying to arrange a Gipsy gathering at Preston Hall, Stockton-on-Tees 24th & 25th June 2017, within their Fire Engine and Vintage Vehicle Rally.

So far we have been promised ten gipsy’s with two from Holland, we could do with more ..
Please if you have one of these iconic vehicles or know someone with one, we would love to hear from you, especially if you are able to join in us at the event .

For further details please contact Alan Dunderdale tel 07801 195603.

N.B. Maybe I may see some pictures of the event and publish them?(