4th of July. Some of my personal UDI memories and member’s thoughts-experiences

Dear American Section fellows,

I hope you had a good Independence Day with your families and friends.

It reminds me that I experienced a Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) by the Southern Rhodesian Government, by Proclamation, spoken by Ian Smith and I was in the far away bush and on request of the Government I had my battery radio on top of my Land Rover for all to listen to the Prime Minister’s message. This UDI text is still in my studio at home.
Afterward, some natives of the Tribal Trust Lands (former Natives Reserves) asked me if it was all about a new fertilizer (UDI)…..
I took my time and explained what it was all about. All stayed calm, no riots, no demonstrations. That came afterward with Mugabe, a.s.o.
They (the locals) knew me well and respected us for doing good work over many years in these areas on soil conservation, building dams and good (crest) roads with high-level bridges. We discussed it all with them(the Chiefs, Headmen, Kraalheads and the thousands of inhabitants(tenant farmers mostly).
All that increased their standard of living made schooling and medical-care more possible and all their products (tobacco, Maïs, fruits, etc.) and surplus cattle being able to go to their markets.
Thus (try) avoiding overgrazing and supply of cash money. I even was asked to design a road down the escarpment into the Zambesi valley. A thrilling job.
We even managed to start cooperatives. Those were the good years. We exported food and meat to major cities in the EU. etc. Too much to write about.
Your US experts on Soil Conservation visited us to see and learn from our results. Those were the days.

I am much impressed with what the American Section is doing, planning and vividly inspire other members and future members to join and enjoy(!!!) their hobby in Vintage London taxicabs. Also the use of modern Media and innovation. Chapeau! I love it!
The UK can learn and should stop loosing members; the EU membership was reduced by 24 in 2017.
I started at 9 and brought it to ca. 70. It needs attention and they asked for a solution in VT. They have 11+ officers on Committee; surely one can show initiative. My answer is, get cracking. Keep contact with all members during the year. Do not only take their money.
Most Committee members do not show any interest-contact with Media possibilities. Never did.
Get out of medieval times and run a modern membership management. Moaning does not bring us anywhere. Start working!
Do involve EU (all) members, I saw nothing (EU) happening this season and no EU members visited “Waalwijk” as far as I know.
24 EU members did not renew. I asked for full-text AGM Minutes, I was told to wait a short while and till today nothing received and Doug(good man) wrote on Facebook members can apply for them. Surely I do not need to call again? Last year it took 8 months.
All I add to Facebook (I got no answers from the Committee) are taken off by Bill Munro as being not wanted critics to Committee members.
Í see it as legitimate questions as can be put at any club in the EU.
Why only ‘love letters’ and saying how good/nice you are and not taken in simple clear questions as that seems the only way to attract attention.

This is my private Weblog and freedom of speech is allowed in the EU and in fact World-Wide. Nothing is wrong with clear statements and if sensible responses are given, there will be no need for further discussions. If questions were answered there would be no need for action.

My members report for the AGM 2017 was apparently omitted this year and my input not brought to attention. It makes you think.

I wish you all a good summer time, my health is down meaning I shall write (possibly) less than usual. But I shall try and publish new text. Thanks for reading this. I mean no harm. I think the membership comes first at all times and I always worked with that view. I like the American initiatives. CHAPEAU!

With kind regards,