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I cannot stand for the content. However, I do believe it leaves readers more independent when information is readily and free available from enthousiasts. What to do with it is up to each reader individually.
Trade is usually excluded. They have their own ways to reach the public.

Austin FX4 Taxi
Austin Seven
Cabmen’s Shelters (CSF) Appreciation Group
Carbodies, London Taxis International, LTI Vehicles, The London Taxi Co.
Classic Car Scrapyard finds*
Dutch London Oldtimer Taxi News (privately) by Hans Dooren (http://londontaxi.glutinum.nl)
Enthousiasts of British Motor Vehicles built before 1985
Friends who like London Vintage Taxi Association
Internet Checker Taxicab Archive
London Taxis – Rydo Australia ( https://www.rydo.com.au/londontaxis)
London Taxis Buy and Sell
My London Fairway Taxi
North American Orphan Austin Cars Society
Old British Cars
Taxis for Sale at Tax-Mart.co.uk posted in London Taxi Buy and Sell
The Vintage Taxi Cab Society
Road Vehicles Pre 1940
British Saloon Car Club of Canada
The London History Forum
The Yesteryears Revisite
Poor Bloody Infantery’s Post*
International Rally Driver’s Club
Pre-Millennial Motor Vehicles
The Vintage Austin Register Inc Of Australia
Es de Auto Viejo’s
Taxi Charity For Military Veterans
T Register of the MG Car Club
European Car Nostalgia 1940 – 1979
40s & 50s American Cars