My final adieu to members on my private weblog as a memberslist (addresses) was denied

Dear LVTA members,

I inform you that I asked the Acting- Chairman for a memberslist. That was denied due to privacy reasons. It is normal procedure to ask (by him) if members are willing to cooperate. I was not offered that possibility. Also he forgot that since 1998 untill April 2016 (!!!) I did(was good enough)to collect EU dues and keep the memberslists and corrected all mistakes made by the Membership Secretary frequently. In fact an abuse of the Privacy Law, each time. I always kept that fact ‘indoors”. I did send the updated lists to all Committee members as for them to be aware of what was going on. Stephen kept on ignoring my efforts. I even made up a special design showing all information of importance. It was ignored at all times by all. In fact nothing changed since 1998. It was and is a closed old boys network. I wasted my valuable time afteral.

I had wished myself to be able to write personally to cab friends my Adieu , as I am given no hope by my cardiologists, further operations a/o medicines changes will not help me anymore. In addition I suffer of several serious chronic deceases (MDS) which are uncurable.

That’s why I closed my Friends- and Paid-up Facebook accounts as a follow-up on leaving the membership. As I am denied a list of addresses, I use my own weblog/contacts to write to members.

Further demonising as done by some Committee members won’t harm me.
I retreat to my own loving family and friends.

Finally, I wish you the best, bye-bye, Hans