The private Weblog passed 46,000 viewers; a true milestone, not possible without your interest. Thank you all.. Despite my serious illnesses. This made my day.

Normally this would make my day; but to-day I was informed by my Internist/Oncothologist that I have developed acute Leakemia and due to my age and bad medical condition little can be done and my life endurance is very bad (week, months……) . Therefore this might be my lAST TEXT IN MY WEBLOG. I REGRET LEAVING YOU IN A VACUEM BUT IF MY FRIEND THOMAS DIK IS PREPARED TO KEEP THIS WEBLOG IN THE AIR, IT MIGHT SERVE MANY VIEWERS WHO ARE CAB RELATED WITH THEIR HOBBY AND INTERESTS. BE LUCKY! ALL OF YOU

We passed the 46,000+ viewers; a great achievement, not possible without your interest. Thank you all.. Keep enyoing the publications.

It’s great when you work on something and it turns out that visitors of the private Weblog come back to view.

This Weblog has no connection with the London Vintage Taxi Association what so ever.

I thank my our dear visitors, friends and readers and Thomas Dik who supported me technically.