(with music) Brochure – LTI FX4S – The Purpose Built Taxi – Mann & Overton London – (From my archive)

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TX1 models – Owner’s Handbook – RH drive diesel models – LTI (from my private archive)

TX1 models – Owner’s Handbook – Right Hand Drive Diesel Models – LTI
(Source:- LTI Limited Publication Nr. 608727 – 9/98
(From my private archive)

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BSA Vintage Motorbike with Taxi side-car. Absolutely UNIQUE! I saw it with my own eyes on Friday!


On 15 September 2016 I was surprised by the post send by Martin.(PUSH ON ‘read more’….. to find the special pictures)
He completed the BSA vintage bike with side car Taxi model. All as original as possible. In the whole of Europe maybe the only one unless there is one at Beaulieu? It is UNIQUE and he was assisted by his friend Leo Kerkhoff. Leo has ‘golden hands’. Martin himself is one of the best experts in this special field of knowledge.Two years ago he was at Waalwijk on my personal invitation. He again brought a fantastic combination which I reported on. This year I was not invited. After 12 years of organizing Waalwijk.

I can publish his 5 pictures with his consent and I will visit him in Germany (just over our border) Also to see his other 72 vintage motorbikes. I aim at making an article with pictures when home again. What a pleasure to meet and feel absolutely free and this is possible for any oldtimer enthusiast. Membership is not required. You find each other anyway.







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Today I found a similar BSA (1924) Motorbike with Side-Car Taxi combination at Birmingham Motorcycle Museum. A lovely surprise.
Bonham’s sold one a while ago for ca. 24,000 B.pounds.