Drawing of Colley Allen garage(Arch), known as North Eastern Motors. With relation mechanic Eugine

This drawing I found at a Boot-sale in the UK many years ago. I met them in the back of these arches; the two brothers Allen. I made several pictures and also of a very old safe in the wall. I bought some oil filters for my FX4S and we were invited and had a talk in their office. They even had an old picture and text signed by Queen Victoria and it was dedicated to their ancestors. (horse drawn hackney cabs)
These arches are no longer in use and re-built into modern architecture. I am glad I “saved” some taxi(cab) history by taking my pictures into my archive. My present age and health will probably regrettably prevent me from doing more such visits.
(The Source:- I cannot (I tried) read the signature but ‘looks like’ : Lucinda Rigter”?)
I have a strong indication (witness) that the person shown in the wonderful drawing is the relation mechanic Eugene. He took care of the servicing of the taxis