Brochure:- AUSTIN Low-Loading TAXI-CAB – (From my private Archive)

This entire Weblog is edited by myself (Hans Dooren) and has no connection whatsoever with the LVTA and all content was gathered (via Ebay, Events/Vintage Sales, Bootsales, Privately, etc.) on my own account. Also the CDROM’s which the LVTA continues to sell since 22 April 2016, without my consent, were paid, scanned and recorded on Master CD-rom’s entirely by myself. This means they sell without ever paying towards costs made a/o time spent on or making an effort on their production since 1998. I made them aware of these facts many times but never received a positive acknowledgement. They also sell Taxi books but that’s not done without any compensation to the writer. I wonder why!

FABULOUS BROCHURE – AUSTIN Low Loader 12 H.P. (from my archive)

AUSTIN low-loading TAXI-CAB Brochure (From my archive)
Copy of Manufacturers Warrant – Synchromesh Gears – Cross-braced Frame – “Strachan “Standard Body – “Vincent”Standard Body – “Jones”Body .
Taxi-Chassis “LL” Model Specification – REGISTRATION NUMBERS ISSUED TO AUSTIN TAXICABS, June-July 1930 to October-November 1937